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Circadia Facials
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Circadia Facials

Circadia is the integration of medicine,science and nature that forms the basis concept for creating functional products to enhance skin health.
Only ingredients that can be proven by science are used in the formulation of Circadia.

Dr Pugliese, practiced family medicine for a generation before dedicating over 40 years to the science of skin and aging.

Circadia Treatments

Oxygen Rx ( Acne Skin) £75.00 1hr 15mins /£65.00 (Child)

The Oxygen Rx treatment has a germicidal action that makes it extremely beneficial for acne. With the combination of an enzyme treatment and Oxygen, it kills any bacteria that causes acne.

Oxygen Rx and Harmony Blue IPL   £150.00

Combining blue Intense pulse light with the Oxygen Rx this superior treatment involves killing bacteria even further by introducing the blue light from using Harmony IPL .

Acne Rosacea  £75.00  1hr 15mins

For Acne Rosacea a clear serum of powerful botanicals help to eliminate one of the common causes of Rosacea therefore reducing inflammation and redness. The properties of this treatmenthelps to kill the Demodex mite, a common facial mite which is believed to be one of the causes of acne rosacea.

Acne Rosacea and Harmony Green IPL  £150.00

Combining green intense pulse light with the Acne Rosacea treatment, this powerful treatment helps eliminate dilated thread veins on the cheeks which cause the appearance of red flushed cheeks.

SWiCH (Anti- Aging)  £75.00  1hr 15mins

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance cell function and restores skin to its youthful appearance. SWich gives the professional skin care specialist a treatment that performs beyond the results achievable with non surgical procedures.

SWiCH and Accent RF  

Combing SwiCH and Accent RF, this is the ultimate anti aging treatment that tightens muscles and lifts loose skin around the face, neck and decollete

Enzyme Treatments

Utilizing the 3 different types of enzymes, together in one product ensures uniform, safe and effective exfoliating treatment that offers multiple benefits for the skin. Our enzymes can be used as a light exfoliation or a deep cleansing treatment, in conjuction with other procedures or simply by themselves for the skin that looks glowing and polished.

3 Types of Enzymes: From £45.00

Cocoa Enzyme

Sensitive, Acne, Aging skin type

Raspberry Enzyme

Aging, Pigmented and Wrinkled skin type

Zymase Enzyme

Severely environmentally damaged skin

PK Peels  From £45.00

These peels are used in different strengths to combat aging. pigmentated. acne and sun damaged skin.

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