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Skin Tags - Nd YAG LASER Treatments

Skin tags are harmless skin growths appearing usually in the adult years of life among many healthy and normal people. In common descriptions, skin tags are flesh-coloured projections that appear as small pieces of hanging skin growths. Due to the awkward appearance of the larger growths, skin tag removal is common and although their appearance may vary a little for individual tags, most skin tags are either smooth or just a little wrinkled, or irregular. The colour of most skin tags is either the same as that of the body flesh (skin) or a little more brown than the surrounding skin.

Size and Occurrence

Skin tags are usually small, only large-enough to be noticed from a very short distance. In the beginning, a skin tag is quite small, say the size of a pinpoint. It grows a little with time and, if it is to acquire a large size, may assume the size of a big grape. Removing skin tags of any size prevents the tag from regrowing in that position again. Skin tags may appear at any point on the body. The more favourable sites for developing these growths include: neck, armpits, upper chest, under the breasts (in women), eyelids, and folds of the groins, in the case of groin skin tags. It is believed that points in the body where skin rubs against skin or against some dressing item (clothes and accessories) are more likely to develop skin tags. Often skin tag removal is desired by people who want to avoid the itchy or painful rubbing feeling from skin friction where the tags are located.

Symptoms and Problems

While a skin tag is regarded as a ‘skin growth' it is completely harmless. In addition, skin tags do not cause any symptoms. Only when irritated manually (e.g. rubbed or twisted), on with clothing or other objects, would a skin tag show redness and, in some cases, pain or discomfort, resulting in skin tag removal.

How does the Nd YAG laser work?

Laser Light penetrates the skin of the skin tag, raising the temperature, thus causing enough heat to destroy the roots and gradually shrinking the body of the skin tag. The Skin tag will appear shrivelled and dark in colour. After a few days following the treatment a scab can form. Healing can take anywhere between 5 to 10 days.


Skin Tag Removal – Prices from £40.00

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