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Amatsu FAQ

*Do I need to remove my clothes?
Most treatments are carried out fully clothed, you will only be asked to remove your shoes and possibly your belt. You should wear loose comfortable clothing like jogging pants & wear or bring a pair of clean socks with you.
*How will I feel after a treatment?
Many people feel very different as soon as they get off the treatment couch. Others start to feel the changes over a couple of days. It is not unusual to feel your body standing and moving differently between treatments. Some people may feel tired or have a boost of energy after the treatment, others comment that they had a change in the feelings they were experiencing.
*What should I do after a treatment?
After a treatment your body will need time to adjust and rectify itself. To get the best result from your treatment, try to avoid heading straight back into a busy and stressful schedule. Some will feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards they need to sleep. You may experience some muscle soreness. This may change after each treatment and depend on the individual problem. Drink plenty of water after a treatment.
*Are there any contra indications to a treatment?
There are a number of conditions where your practitioner would ask you to seek approval from your doctor before they would treat you. Please ensure that you advise your practitioner of any medical conditions or injuries. They will then tell you if further authorisation or information is required.
*How long is a treatment (balance) session?
1st treatment including a consultation – 60mins £60
Follow up treatments – 45mins £45

Amatsu therapy should not be used to replace medical treatment without consultation with your GP. If unsure, please consult your local Amatsu therapy practitioner and your GP for advice.


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